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The Mistport Guardians
"The Stolen Child"


          A child, suspended mid-air, falls from the edge of a ship and without warning is chased by vicious arrows slung with wild abandon to capture her once more. Without regard for their own personal safety, this sight spurs on the action of strangers– each diametrically divergent as they could be. This choice to save a lost little girl, though, is one that binds them together as they fall in fate for a journey none of them were prepared for, and one that forever changes not only their own lives, but that of an entire city, rebellion, and perhaps beyond. 

          In “Mistport Guardians: The Stolen Child”, the idea of what makes a fantasy novel is turned on its head not to transport the reader to a far off land where superhuman warriors always make the right choices and win the day. Instead, this story is about a rag-tag ensemble of accidental-adventurers who are no more important than anybody else except that when they witness injustice, rather than turning a blind eye to the unfortunate, they act. From saving a magical child from her captors, joining rebel forces underground, and discovering their own strengths in magic and in battle, this story takes readers into a world like no other.

          This epic fantasy is driven by the interactions and mishaps of a very distinct ensemble as they navigate a reality in which magic is used as a means to subdue the population and tensions between the realms of the fey and the layfolk are at an all-time high.

The Mistport Guardians Face COR NIKIA_edited_edited.jpg
The Mistport Guardians Face NIKIA7.png

The Revolutionary

Inspired, Fiery, Impatient, Compassionate

The fiery sword-wielding djinite leader of this group of misfits, Nikia Emberblade is fuelled by a sincere desire to eliminate suffering and fight her way through to saving the underprivileged and destitute, but finds that the world isn’t nearly as black and white as she imagines– nor as easy to save.


Nikia Emberblade

The Mistport Guardians Face COR CAZ_edited_edited.jpg

The People's Lord

Gentle, Anxious, Charming, and Brave


The anxious city-bred lord of distinction who discovers his magic is that of druidic inspiration, Caz Darcy is weighed by a legacy he does not wish to carry and secrets he cannot dare share.


Caz Darcy

The Mistport Guardians Face CAZ11.png
The Mistport Guardians Face COR LAFAYETTE_edited_edited.jpg
The Mistport Guardians Face LAFAYETTE8.png

The Alchemist

Clever, Inventive, Scrappy, and Genuine


The half-fey artificer, whose animosity towards iron has yet to dampen his innovative spirit, Lafayette Feygrass finds himself as a stranger in a strange land which proves more dangerous than he ever anticipated.


Lafayette Feygrass

The Mistport Guardians Face COR  PEPE_edited.jpg

The Scoundrel

Enigmatic, Street-wise, Kind, and Inexperienced


The curiously debonair elvish rogue, Pepe always knows

more than he lets on and is caught between a cruel thieves’

assignment and forced companionship.

The Mistport Guardians Face PEPE6.png


The Mistport Guardians Face COR TRISNA_edited.jpg
The Mistport Guardians Face TRISNA7.png

The Apostate

Heartfelt, Strong, Curious, and Blunt

A half-elf monk far from home and away from everything she's ever known, Trisna finds herself tossed into a world of change and strife with the desire to aid those in harm's way.



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